Trust Gxt 668 Tytan 2.1 Soundbar Speaker Set

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2.1 speaker set for PC, game console and TV, with stylish horizontal speaker and pulsating LED illuminated subwoofer

Key features:

Space-saving speaker set with optical input for high-quality digital sound

Soundbar with 4 integrated speakers: fits below your PC monitor or TV screen

Equalizer with pre-defined settings (normal, music, game, movie)

120W peak power (60W RMS)

Wooden subwoofer with pulsating LED illumination

Smart power management: goes into standby when not in use


The sound is complemented by refined design. The Trust GXT 668 with pulsating LED illumination on the subwoofer is made to easily fit under any PC screen or in any living room console set-up. Whether you’re watching TV or playing on your PC or console, any device with an optical (SPDIF) or 3.5mm audio output can be connected.


The 120W power will fill your entire room with full-range sounds. The soundbar features an optical input for high-quality digital sound with 4 integrated speakers. The wooden subwoofer gives that boost to your sound and intensifies your gaming experience. You will blast everyone away with this intense sound engine.


The GXT 688 comes with a remote control to easily adjust the settings to your preference. Easily switch the equalizer with pre-defined settings from normal to music, game or movie mode. The sound reproduction is now perfectly set for your activity. You can sit back and relax with your favourite music, games and movies.