Trust Gxt 540 Wired Gamepad

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Gamepad for PC and Playstation 3, with solid grip for comfortable gaming 

3m cable

13 buttons, 2 joysticks and D-pad

Pressure sensitive triggers & buttons (PS3 only)

Rubber coating for perfect grip

Controller indicators and home button

X-Input/ DirectInput switch, for full games support

GXT 540 Wired Gamepad for PC and PS3

Experience the action on your PC, laptop and your PlayStation 3. The Trust GXT 540 Gamepad ensures fun and comfort on any of your desired platforms.

Ergonomic Design

The GXT 540 is designed for long and intense gaming sessions with its comfortable design. Enjoy hours of playing: Its ergonomic design and rubber coating ensure a solid grip. All 13 buttons and the two analog sticks including the d-pad are designed for lasting gaming sessions. The wired gamepad has a 3 m long cable with USB plug.

Full Games Support

No matter which game you are currently playing on which device. The GXT 540 Gamepad will join any party. With the X-input/direct input switch, the GXT 540 offers full game support. Enjoy the experience of the pressure-sensitive shooting controls and analogue shoulder buttons with your PlayStation 3. Or play on your laptop and PC.