Tronsmart Spire Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad - Extended


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The Spire is built with micro-textured cloth surface providing ultimate smooth movements. With an extended surface area, 10 lighting colors and waterproof surface, the Spire will illuminate your victory with stunning RGB light.

Light Up Your Battlefield
Features stunning RGB LED lighting and ultra-smooth surface, Spire is designed to illuminate your victory by providing the ultimate user experience.

  • (80 x 30 x 0.4)cm Massive Size
    With an extended surface area, the Spire gives you more space to play than ever before without the constraints of the smaller mousepad.
  • Light Up Your Playing Field
    The Spire's edges feature built-in RGB LED lighting which can light up your battlefield with vivid brilliance. Simply control the lighting by tapping a single button without installing any software.
  • Ultra-Smooth Surface, Superior Control
    The micro-textured cloth surface is designed to optimize fast-moving while maintaining more precise targeting and speedy controls, providing an optimal gaming experience.
  • Water Resistant Surface
    The waterproof coating can effectively prevent damage from spilled drinks or other accidents. When the liquid splashes on the coating surface, it will form into water drops and slide down.
  • Anti-slip Rubber Base
    The durable, non-slip rubber base is designed to eliminate unwanted movement and keep the mouse pad staying securely in place for your intense gaming.
  • Roll and Go
    Durable and flexible enough to be rolled up and take anywhere.