Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Grade B 64Gb


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GRADE B: GOOD AS NEWWith Signs Of Regular Use, These Phones Aren’t New, But Are As Good As! These Phones Are Fully Tested And Fully Functional.
    • Unlocked SIM Free.
    • 64gb internal memory 
    • 4G Ready.
    • Ultra-sharp 16 Megapixel camera.
    • 5.1" Ultra-bright HD Gorilla Glass screen.
    • Powerful Octa-core processor.
    • See more customise your view with the edges of your screen.
    • Lightning fast charging technology

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    Exquisitely Crafted, Captivatingly Brilliant

    Designed from scratch the Samsung galaxy s6 Edge is a statement of quality and style with its seamless blend of glass and metal. Setting the Galaxy S6 Edge apart from every other mobile device on the market is that it boasts a unique angled edge screen. This not only brings with it enhanced functionality options, it also delivers more detail, more clarity and better on-screen experience.

    Clearer Pictures, Improved Aperture

    Both of the Samsung galaxy s6 Edge's front and rear cameras feature higher resolution and F1.9 aperture, allowing you to take clearer images wherever you are. What's more, you can enjoy quick access to the camera in under a second with a double tap of the home button - so you'll never miss an important moment again.

    Ultra-fast Charging

    Never worry about your battery again thanks to the Samsung galaxy s6 Edge's lightning-fast charging speed, which is up to 1.5 times faster than previous models. Its wireless charging compatibility means you can simply pop the Samsung galaxy s6 Edge onto a compatible charging pad for a wire-free recharge.


    Add some colour to your interactions with the Samsung galaxy s6 Edge. By colour-coding the five people you care most about, you can simply tab a contact’s colour on the edge display to call, text or email them. These innovative colour-coded notifications, let you easily see who is trying to get in touch, even when your device is upside down

    Enhanced Security

    Enjoy unprecedented peace of mind with the Samsung galaxy s6 Edge’s powerful security solutions. As well as offering password and PIN code security options, the S6 boasts a reworked fingerprint scanner to ensure your data does not get into the wrong hands. The galaxy s6 Edge is launched with KNOX 2.4, a mobile security solution for keeping work secure and personal files private.


    What is a graded phone? 


    These phones and tablets are just like new. With little or no signs of use, they have been fully tested to reach our high standards. 

    Little or no signs of use.
    Minor cosmetic blemishes, if any!
    6 - 12 month warranty included.
    Available in-store or online!

    With signs of regular use, these phones aren’t new, but are as good as! These phones are fully tested and fully functional. 

    Show small signs of wear and tear.
    light scratches on the device.
    6 month warranty included. 
    Available in-store or online!

    Although these phones are a little older and have been a bit more loved, they are still in great condition. These phones are our best seller. 

    Signs of cosmetic blemishes or scratches. 
    No cracks on the screen or back.
    3 - 6 month warranty included. 
    Fully tested to reach our high standards. 
    Available in-store or online!