Adam Elements iKlips II Flash Drive iPhone/iPad 64GB - Red

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  • iKlips II Flash Drive iPhone/iPad 64GB
  • Lightning / USB 3.1 dual-interface - share files easily between iOS, and PC/Mac.
  • Free up your storage space whenever you want.
  • Supports exFAT format, you get to transfer files of any sizes!
  • iKlips II is not only a flash drive but a media player that supports multiple file formats.
  • Free companion iKlips iOS app for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch that allows you to manage your files effortlessly.
  • Record videos (including 4k and 1080HD) and take pictures with an iKlips app and store them directly to iKlips, zero iPhone storage space is needed.
  • Our app enables users to secure all files by using Touch ID, your secrets are safe with iKlips!
  • The ultra-slim aluminium design makes it a neat accessory.
  • Apple MFi-certified (made for iPhone/iPad/iPod).
  • 3-year warranty with the iKlips II Flash Drive iPhone/iPad 64GB

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 iKlips II | Evolution on Revolution

Evolution on Revolution

The first-generation iKlips was an instant hit due to its revolutionary design and perfect companionship to the earlier iPhones. 

Today, the iKlips II takes a step further by improving the successful form and function to match the latest iOS range. The same high-strength aluminum for the virtually indestructible shell stays, while the new, extended connector mates with your phone easily without the need to take the protective shell off.

External storage & Extra security for your iPhone data

The iKlips II is no plain USB drive. It"s a tough, neat-looking and secure digital vault for your peace of mind. 

It"s your phone, and also your palmtop storage for communication records, family photos and business files. You might afford to lose a phone, but maybe not the data packed in it. 

That"s why you need an iKlips II Flash Drive as a dependable backup for your iPhone, your data and all the intangible valuables. Better yet, you can also choose to offload the files to your iKlips II in case you need more space on the phone.

It's exFAT, Exceptionally Fast

The first-generation iKlips was an instant hit due to its revolutionary design and perfect companionship to the earlier iPhones. 

Now you have a new iPhone with a 4K-capable camera. Now, you know 4K videos are not easy to deal with. The memory must be fast enough to keep the streams coming, and the video files take up a whopping amount of space on your iPhone. 

With a combination of ex-FAT format for unlimited file size, blazingly fast memory for 4K (and of course 1080p HD) videos and capacity of up to 128GB for movie storage, the iKlips II is crafted specially for the next-generation phone cinematography. 

Feeling good

Perfectly comfortable and sleek, CASA C05 has an ergonomic design that ensures seamless connection and removal. From the cap to the smooth finish and portable size, it's all you want and nothing more.